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To lower your risk of dental damage, it is important to always make sure you limit the risk of tooth damage. There are dental hazards involved with your diet.

For example, gummy candy and other sticky sweets can linger in your mouth long after you eat them. Since the residue can linger on your teeth, you will increase your chances of tooth decay. Constant snacking throughout the day can increase the time that your teeth are vulnerable to erosion and wear. The sugar in soda, sports drinks, fruit juice, sweets and foods that are heavy in starches can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth. These acids will slowly wear your tooth enamel away and create cavities.

Never try to open products with your teeth. This includes using your teeth as bottle openers or to tear through plastic packaging. If you do this, you can quickly damage your smile. Instead, use have scissors or a bottle opener when needed. Remember, your teeth are only designed for helping you to eat and speak.

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