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To keep your smile safe from the risk of bad breath, it is important to understand what is causing it and have it treated immediately. However, numerous underlying problems deep within the body may be responsible for bad breath. Normally though, bad breath occurs due to bacteria in your mouth producing foul odors associated with bad breath.

Did you know there are numerous causes of bad breath, some of which may do not even arise in your mouth? Typically, bad breath is associated with a foul odor that is produced by the foods you’re eating and the drinks you are consuming. This can include garlic, onions, coffee, and several other substances. In addition, plaque buildup in your mouth can contain bacteria that produce foul odors as a byproduct. Medications you’re taking, and poor oral hygiene habits can also lead to bad breath. Smoking and chewing tobacco can also contribute to the condition. However, bad breath can also be caused by underlying ailments within your mouth such as gum disease and toothaches, and even underlying ailments can cause it, such as liver or kidney problems, and respiratory tract infections.

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