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A white and winning smile can bolster your self-image. Unfortunately, as the years go by it’s possible for imperfections to appear on your teeth. This could be chronic dental stains, a tooth with discolored enamel, small chips, or a noticeable dental filling.

If an unappealing smile has robbed you of your self-confidence, you can turn to Dr. Christopher Lillo to explore the cosmetic dentistry treatments he offers. The specific nature of the cosmetic defects will determine the options he recommends.  

If you’ve been struggling with chronic dental stains on the teeth in your smile Dr. Christopher Lillo might recommend performing a dental bleaching treatment. Once this is done he can help you understand the necessary methods to maintain your white smile.

Of course, a dental bleaching treatment cannot address physical imperfections like chips and discolored dental fillings. In a case like this, Dr. Christopher Lillo might recommend enhancing the faces of your teeth with dental veneers.

If one of two teeth have been significantly compromised by a large dental filling, fracture, or newly developed cavity, he might advocate fully replacing the tooth’s enamel layer with a porcelain dental crown.   

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