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Dentures are one of the less-expensive, easier, and faster methods of tooth replacement. However, they are a significant life change, and if you are new to wearing them, you should understand that there is a period of adjustment. But with patience, you can master the “art” of wearing dentures.

Remember that your mouth is going to need to get used to this new addition. Your muscles and your tongue will need some time to adjust to your new appliance, and you should not be surprised if you find yourself producing more saliva than you have before. You may find that certain movements of your mouth will make your dentures slip or “float”.

Your dentures will be similar to your natural teeth, but they will not be the same. You may have to re-learn how to pronounce some words. If you find some words are giving you trouble, take your time learning how to say them while wearing your dentures, and you may have to pronounce some words slowly until you are comfortable saying them. If you have been without your teeth for a while, you may need some extra time to learn how to speak while wearing your dentures.

Eating while wearing your dentures may take some getting used to to as well. Until you are comfortable with your dentures, it may help to cut your food into smaller pieces when you eat. You should exercise some caution when biting with the front teeth of your dentures. Doing so may dislocate them, and depending on the thickness of your dentures, biting with your front teeth may cause extra stress on them.

Aside from learning to eat and speak, remember that until you get used to your dentures, you may experience some soreness, tenderness or pressure that you are not used to. If the pain or discomfort persists, contact your dentist. Your dentures may need to be adjusted; or your dentist can line the insides to make them fit more comfortably.

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